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Tree pruning and trimming looks simple enough, a few cutting and trimming here and there, but there's a lot more to the process than what you initially thought. By knowing how to use a saw or pruner lets you do the simpler tasks that involve cutting or trimming, but always leave the complicated ones to experts who know exactly what they're doing. Experts say that there are certain portions, amounts and times for the perfect pruning and trimming. 


Oftentimes used interchangeably, trimming and pruning present different meanings but both has to do something with cutting trees. On one hand there's trimming which is done to groom the tree and on the other hand there's pruning which revolves around the health of the tree as well as the safety of people and structures surrounding it.


Classifications of Cutting


Basically, there are four general classifications; two major classifications for pruning and another two for trimming. Fine trimming is the first classification and it requires cutting to improve the aesthetic appeal of the tree. Next is something called the standard pruning where the service revolves around the tree's structure and how to Learn more and improve it. 


Hazard or safety pruning is the third classification, this service handles branches growing too low because of safety factors; trees with branches dangling dangerously low need to be pruned. Crown reduction is our final classification; crown reduction is needed when branches on top and around the tree may present a problem and should be removed. The reasons why we pay for crown reductions include preventing branches from damaging roofs and reaching utility lines as well as letting air and sunlight to penetrate to the inner branches.


The Right Pruning


By hiring professionals to do tree trimming and pruning services, then the job will mostly likely be done efficiently and properly. On the other hand, doing the trimming or pruning by yourself is alright but remember to avoid climbing spurs because it damages the bark and trunk. Thicker and heavier branches have to be split into sections, the bark stays intact when you do.


Perfect Pruning Time


First of all, pruning and trimming services with Tree Removal Tips can be hired during any time of the year but it will heavily depend on the kind of tree to be serviced. If your tree is a flowering tree that begins to bloom in the spring time, then you can have it trimmed or pruned shortly after it starts to flower. The handful of flowering trees that bloom during the summer time needs to be pruned in early spring instead. According to the experts, trees that bear fruits should likely be pruned during late winter; it's the perfect time because it enhances the shape of the fruit and lets the sunlight to penetrate to the middle of the tree.